The Red Flag Warning program is designed to deter intentional or accidental fire starts or prevent large fires that may occur as a result of extreme or adverse weather conditions.  This program is in support of the OC Fire Watch program managed by the County of Orange and the Orange County Fire Authority. Through the flying of Red Fire Alert Flags, the program provides visibility to community members with the goal of increasing awareness of the activities of others that may result in the start of a fire, both intentional as well as accidental.  In addition, this visibility is a reminder to those who may be planning activities, such as using power yard tools, welding or using a BBQ that hazardous conditions exist.  It is the intent of this increased awareness to change personal behaviors during hazardous weather events.
  • Used to alert agencies and partner organizations to the high potential for development of Red Flag conditions and a Red Flag event.
  • Usually issued by the National Weather Services 18 to 96 hours ahead of the expected weather event.
  • Residents who have signed up on email list to receive warning notification.
In preparation of a Red Flag Warning, and throught the year, residents should;
  • Make sure you have 100' of defensible space around your structures.
  • Clear dead weeds, vegetation and accumulated leaf piles.
  • Remove leaves and needles from gutters and roof valleys.
  • Trim branches 6' from the ground and 10' from chimneys.
  • Review your family evacuation plan, be SET and prepared to GO!
  • Used to inform agencies and partner organizations of impending or occurring Red Flag conditions.
  • High confidence that Red Flag criteria will be met within the next 48 hours or less or criteria are already being met.
  • A sustained average wind of equal to or greater than 25 mph or gusts equal or greater than 35 mph.
  • Relative humidity of less than or equal to 15%.
  • Criteria to be met for 6 hours or more.
  • Assumes fuels are receptive to ignition.
  • Usually issued by the National Weather Service 24 hours in advance of the expected weather event, buy may be issued as the event is occurring.
  • Residents who have signed up on email list to receive notification and red flags will be raised.
The Fire Safe Council will raise flags at the following locations;
  • Silverado / Santiago Canyon Road Junction
  • Cook's Corner
The Red Flags are meant to serve as a reminder to anyone in the area to be extremely cautious;
  • Report any suspicious activity directly to 9-1-1.
  • Any mowing or weed eating should be done before 10 a.m. & after 6 p.m. (and NEVER during extremely dry or windy conditions).
  • Never use lawn mowers in dry vegetation.
  • Make sure cigarette butts are properly extinguished, do not smoke near dry brush or grass and never throw cigarette butts from car windows.
  • Spark arresters are always required in wildland areas on all portable gasoline powered equipment.  Think twice before using powered equipment on windy days.
  • Park your vehicles headed out for quick evacuation.  Do not block the street with parked vehicles and do not park over dry grass.
  • Think ahead when planning outdoor activities, reconsider outdoor BBQ’s or other potentially hazardous activities.
  • Check local conditions and restrictions with OC Parks and the US Forest Service before venturing into the wilderness parks and national forest.
Red Flag conditions no longer exist.  Verified and cancelled by the National Weather Service and the OCFA.
  • Red Flags will be lowered.
  • Please use caution as you resume your normal activities.