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Fire Safe Council East Orange County Canyons (FSCEOCC) is a long name but that is because it covers a lot of geography.  From Route 241 South, East to Holy Jim Canyon, the FSCEOCC serves all residents, businesses and landowners.  "Wildfires do not respect boundaries", stated Mary Schreiber, FSCEOCC President.  In the rugged canyons and foothills of Orange County there is an ever present threat of fire.

During the Santiago Fire of 2007 the Fire Safe Council contributed an important role to the community. Perhaps because of this experience, the FSCEOCC is not only a recognized Firewise Community but is also one of the most active and progressive in the state.  Progress and achievement are the goals of this dedicated group of volunteers who have devoted endless hours to plan and coordinate innovative programs and events to make the canyon communities more fire safe.